Projekt Leonardo da Vinci

The main goal of the Project is to exchange good practice and experience in the area of care of individuals suffering from hearing, voice and speech disorders within the network of collaborating institutions, and to spread the project results among the relevant organizations in the Czech Republic.

The Project’s specific goals include providing comprehensive information on diagnosing and therapy of hearing disorders in children with combined disabilities; information on new clinical observation methods that will contribute to detecting the child’s hearing impairment, diagnosing and treatment of various types of voice conditions and disorders, methods of care of individuals who suffered a stroke causing the voice and speech loss or disorder; information on services for families with children suffering from hearing impairment and combined disabilities, and on new methods in the area of speech techniques and voice care.

The Project was implemented from October 2010 to December 2011 for the total number of 34 participants from 5 EU countries (Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and France). The target group consisted of physicians, lecturers and health professionals from Hlasové centrum o.p.s. (Voice Centre o.p.s.), staff assisting the families of children with hearing or combined disabilities from the Association for Early Care (Společnost pro ranou péči), outpatient specialists, clinical speech and language therapists, and social and health care staff.