Tinitus Auris

Tinnitus or humming in the ears is a symptom of many diseases. However, this unpleasant sound does not accompany only ear disorders. It is necessary to detect the cause of humming in the ear via differential diagnosing.

What are the most common tinnitus causes?

Tinnitus can be a symptom of inner ear hearing loss as an autonomous sound transmitted by a damaged hearing receptor, located in the inner ear, to the central analyser in the brain. Tinnitus can be also caused by a degenerative disease of the cervical spine. Regular whistling noises in the ear can be, in particular, caused by a blocked position of the cervical spine. However, this whistling noise tends to be unilateral. Vascular diseases represent the third most common cause of humming or whistling in the ear. Atherosclerosis and, especially, hypertension can regularly cause an unpleasant subjective sound tormenting the affected individual. Due to that one of the first steps when diagnosing tinnitus should be a blood pressure measurement and assessment of the vascular status. Brain tumours, namely cochlear nerve tumours and acoustic neurinoma represent a rare cause of tinnitus.

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